Getting ready for our trip to the Holy Land

The house is ready and my suitcase is almost ready to be packed. We are getting ready for a trip of a lifetime. Can’t wait! I’m anticipating that this will primarily be a trip of experiences...seeing what people in the Scriptures saw and felt and tasted. I’m really looking forward to standing on Mt. Nebo and looking out over the Promised Land to see what Moses saw, and to ponder the sorrow he felt over his anger in the desert. And to walk the streets of Jerusalem and imagine it in the days of King David and King Solomon and Daniel and Jesus. I’m curious about being on the Sea of Galilee and feeling the ships movement and imagining a storm and a net full of fish. Sharing this trip with dear friends and Kevin will make it all the more meaningful. I’m filled with gratitude that we will be able to go on this trip, my back is feeling good, and we are healthy.