Getting Organized


Ways to Organize Your Blank Book


I'm often asked how I organize my journals. Over the years I've tried various approaches and I encourage you to play around with it until you find an approach that is right for you.

Cover Page

I like to have a cover page for my contact information and also a title. I usually have a word or a phrase that encapsulates a spiritual focus for the year. Last year it was "peace." So I titled my journal "Peace." I recommend that you write down the date you begin to use the journal. Perhaps there's a verse of Scripture that has been meaningful to you that you want to remember all year.


leave room at the beginning

I like to leave several pages at the front of my blank book for "Insights", my rule of life, dreams that I have for the future, and important quotes I want to save. These are things that I usually carry over from one journal to the next.  

Page numbers

I like to add page numbers at the bottom of every other page. Then if I want to reference something I've written, it's easy. If I run out of room, I can skip to a different place in my journal and simply note, "go to page xx."

various Chapters / Sections

I know that I want a section for reflection, and a section for notes from sermons, and a section for prayer. So I'll set these sections and simply turn over the corner of the page that begins each section. And if I run out of room in a section, with page numbers it's easy to put "go to page xx" and continue that section in a different location.

It usually takes me a year to fill up a blank book, and during that time I will discover new insight that I want to be able to find. So leaving pages at the front of my journal where I reference the insight and note the page number has been very helpful to me.

Leave room at the end

It's nice to have several blank pages at the back of my journal so that if I decide I want an index - I have room to create one. I also find that I like to keep my prayer list at the end where it's easy to find. There's no right way, just begin and see what works for you.