Prayer Journal

I decided that I wanted to create my own Common Book of Prayer, a little journal where I captured treasures that I could use as part of my worship. Now that all of the pages are filled and I've been using it, I must say that it is one of my most priceless possessions.

It begins with my Rule of Life that I copied into the front. And then a section where I captured my reflections about prayer and specifically a section about confession, what I was learning. I copied the prayers of others, prayers prayed down through the centuries. I copied The General Confession so that I could pray it as part of my devotions. I made a list of what the Puritans confessed in their prayers. I had a section for the Prayer of Examen and Spiritual Discernment. I kept notes from a book I was reading on character and made lists of virtues we are mandated to pursue. And I made an Index in the back so that I could easily find topics.

Consider creating your own book of prayer.