The Essentials


Why Should We Take Time to Write?

We all have busy lives so why should we take the time to keep a journal? What does journaling accomplish?  


5 Principles You Need to Know

What reasons do you have for not keeping a journal? These five principles will help you think differently about journaling, and will set you free you to begin.


Computer or Blank Book?

In the twenty-first century, should you keep a journal in a blank book on an electronic device? Which way is better?


Getting Organized

There are ways to organize your blank book that you may want to consider. Discover tips that others have found useful.


How to Keep it Private

It's impossible to be honest if we think someone else may read our journal. How can we ensure that our journal stays private?



So many people have found journaling to be a lifeline. Be inspired by their stories.


Writing Referenced in Scripture

Did you know that God gave a writing assignment to the future kings of Israel? Read various passages of Scripture that talk specifically about writing.


Thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through your fingertips.
— Dawson Trotman